Eric Maass

Meet speaker: Eric Maass

Eric Maass - Medtronic (web version)

Eric Maass is currently the Senior Master Black Belt and Engineering Director for DFSS / DRM for Medtronic CRDM, and developed the DFSS / DRM Green Belt and Black Belt curricula. Dr. Maass had 30 years of experience with Motorola, ranging from Research and Development through Manufacturing, to Director of Operations for a $160 Million business and Director of Design and Systems Engineering, and Director and Lead Master Black Belt for Design for Six Sigma at Motorola. He co-developed and was Lead Instructor for most of Motorola University’s Six Sigma courses.

Dr. Maass was a co-founder of Six Sigma at Motorola, and a key advocate for the focus on Variance Reduction; his article on a “Strategy to Reduce Variance” was published in 1987, months after Motorola announced Six Sigma. He invented Yield Surface Modeling™, a patented method for multiple response optimization that resulted in over 60 first pass successful new products. He co-authored the Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication and “Applying Design for Six Sigma to Software and Hardware Systems”.

Dr. Maass also provided a variety of chapters in books and articles ranging from concept selection to augmentation of design of experiments to multiple response optimization to advanced decision making methods. Dr. Maass has a diverse educational background, with a bachelor’s in Biological Sciences, master’s in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, doctorate in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and considerable experience in Electrical Engineering.