Eric Pope

Meet speaker: Eric Pope

Eric Pope serves as vice president of operations at US Synthetic (USS), a leading provider of diamond solutions for the energy industry. Mr. Pope joined US Synthetic in 1990 as a machine operator, with a focus on processing diamond products. He has worked as a production manager, process engineer, and R&D engineer during his time at US Synthetic. In 2001, Mr. Pope worked as an on-site USS customer engineer at Halliburton. He later became the product manager over the USS diamond rock bit and percussion product lines in 2004.
Throughout his career, Mr. Pope has been a driving force behind US Synthetic’s move from a typical batch and queue manufacturing system to a world-class, lean manufacturing facility. As part the of senior leadership team since 2006, Mr. Pope has been instrumental in implementing lean training and techniques at every level of the organization. These efforts helped the company receive the world’s most prestigious award in 2011 for enterprise excellence, The Shingo Prize. Under Mr. Pope’s leadership, the company maintains a strong focus on empowering employees and encouraging continuous improvement. This focus helped the company implement more than 32,000 employee-sponsored improvements in 2011. As a result, product innovation has increased and USS customers have been better served with improved delivery times, decreased inventory, and superior quality and performance. Lean improvements have allowed US Synthetic to grow at 23 percent annually since beginning the journey in 2005.

Mr. Pope holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and a Master of Business Administration both from Brigham Young University.