David Moore

Meet speaker: David Moore

As a kid David was constantly designing and building products, fdeck chairs, drafting tables, ski racks, airplane tires and a turntable that could play both sides of a record without flipping it over. All in his father’s garage before the age of eighteen.

His first design degree was in Corporate Identity and Media, then attending the prestigious Art Center College of Design earning a BS in Industrial Design. In 2001 he co-founded San Francisco based Zero Nine Design, a design consultancy and visionary incubator combining next generation technologies and consumer products with alternative business models creating markets wherever possible. Clients include; Verb Surgical, Inc., Google, SRI Intl. Robotics, Panasonic, DARPA, Nike, Disney, Universal Studios. SRI Intl. Bio-Sensing, Philips Medical, Stanford University.

David is a guest instructor for Stanford Engineering’s Design Program, guest lecturer at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University’s MBA program.