James Lapham

Meet speaker: JAMES LAPHAM
James Lapham - CitiSite (web version)Mr. Lapham received his Degree in Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnics State University and his Certification in Contract Management from The George Washington University School of Business. Mr. Lapham also holds numerous Industry, Manufacturer and State Contractor certifications including his Six Sigma Black Belt.

Mr. Lapham holds several patents both with the (USPTO) United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Internationally (PCT) Patent Cooperation Treaty as well as several Awards for his designs including the eTech Award from CTIA.

James Lapham is a Telecom Management Executive with 25+ years of experience managing teams, providing technical expertise and leadership in Manufacturing, program, project, wireless, construction, operations, logistics, Prime Integration and production management for both the Cellular and Broadband industries. His extensive experience in network operations of wireless networks has been well utilized domestically as well as abroad.

Internationally Mr. Lapham helped secure and managed the Ericsson Australian NBN Program, a $1.2B AUD project to bring Wireless High Speed Broadband to the Australian public. Mr. Lapham also coordinated as Program Director the Prime Integration solution team for Mobinil’s €250M charging solution swap, which facilitated a 22 million customer live migration in Cairo, Egypt.

Domestically Mr. Lapham has been involved in the build out of several MSA’s and RSA’s throughout the United States extending from Georgia to California. Projects he has managed have varied in scope to include site acquisition, tower erection as well as equipment installation & commissioning of LTE, GSM, PCS 1900; CDMA, TDMA, AMPS, ETACS and Microwave. Mr. Lapham personally headed up the USDA – RUS development project for Rural Broadband as an Executive with StratusWave Communications. The USDA Project expanded Rural High speed broadband services throughout Northern West Virginia and the West Virginia Panhandle.

Mr. Lapham has worked as a Certified Project Manager overseeing a three (3) state E911 Phase II market deployment for TruePosition/Cingular in Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois. Mr. Lapham also was directly responsible for all project development for the networks planning, design and implementation in six (6) African Nations and (2) two LMDS Network Deployments in the United States with Newbridge Networks. Mr. Lapham personally with the team that negotiated the interconnect agreements with the in country PSTN’s helping establish the tariff rates. He also located and established firm contracts with in country partners as well as helped locate and coordinate financing for project build out utilizing private investors, Investment brokerage & finance companies, through equipment vendor financing.

Mr. Lapham has been involved in LTE, 3G, GSM, AMPS and ETACS in the African and European cellular radiotelephone system implementations. In Africa which included partnerships in Windhoek, Namibia; Kampala, Uganda; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Eritrea; Lusaka, Zambia and The Ivory Coast. In Europe, With Orange in Paris, France, Telefonica in Madrid, Spain, and O2 in Dublin, Ireland. In this capacity, he has helped or directed in the implementation of all these wireless systems and network upgrades.

A skilled systems and wireless Program Director with direct involvement providing program, engineering and logistics management support for network development builds. He consistently met budgets despite periods of tough economic conditions. Successful projects produced additional revenues over budget forecasts. He implemented network project planning and reporting tools to inform all project members of progress and milestones as well as honed project teams into highly motivated self-managed units. An expert in Prime Integration, Heterogeneous Networks (Small Cell) and Third Party Product (3PP) negotiations and implementation, skilled at completing projects on time and within budget. Design, develop and implement cost capital budgets, engineering business plans, scheduling systems, materials and resource plans financial progress reports, manpower and material resource reports.

Specialties Cross Training: (HeNB) LTE Femto Heterogeneous Network – (Small Cell – Architecture and Rollout), (LTE) Long Term Evolution, (ATM) Asynchronous Transfer Mode, (CDMA) Code Division Multiple Access, (GSM) Groupe Speciale Mobile, Global Standard Mobile, (LMDS) Local Multipoint Distribution, (TDMA) Time Division Multiple Access, (WiLL) Wireless Local Loop, (UMTS) Universal Mobile Telecommunication System, (3G/4G) Third and fourth Generation, Prime Integration, Charging and Billing System, Disaster Recovery, E911 Location Technology, Broadband Convergence Technology

Mr. Lapham has won several industry awards for his designs including the CTIA eTech Award and personally holds multiple trademarks, and patents both with the USPTO and PCT for his wireless product designs and engineering innovations.

Mr. Lapham is currently the Chief Operating Officer and one of the Founders of CitiSite Corporation in Reno, Nevada.