Terry Davis

Meet speaker: Terry Davis

Terry Davis - US Synthetic (web version)

An Executive Operations leader with domestic and international experience managing, transforming,
and improving operational sites and product lines. A practitioner of Operational Excellence and
Organization Leadership based on TPS principles and Continuous Improvement.

Mr. Davis was the Director of Operational Excellence at Dover Energy where he lead the development
and implementation of the Continuous Improvement Model across (25 Sites) that generated $1B in
Sales. Prior to Dover Corporation, Mr. Davis was a principle in Davis Gygi Consulting Group. This
company focused on teaching and coaching companies how to lead transformational change based on
TPS and Lean Learning.

Mr. Davis gained his experience directly from Toyota from 1994 to 2004 when he worked for Autoliv, an
international supplier to Toyota and Shingo Prize winner. This experience was underpinned by one-on-
one mentoring by Toyota Sensei, every week for 3 years and multiple trips to Japan to learn Toyotaleadership methods.
Recently Terry was the VP of Operations and Supply Chain for Oil Lift Technology, an acquisition and
part of Dover Artificial Lift. Today, Mr. Davis is at US Synthetic, a showcase Dover site and Shingo Prize
winner. US Synthetic is a remarkable Dover Company that exemplifies an empowered positive culture
and the application of TPS / Lean in all aspects of the enterprise.