The recent investment and growth into US manufacturing is cause for celebration alone.

But it’s the manufacturing leaders who’ve dedicated their careers to achieving outstanding operational performance who are the main focus of the evening.

Whilst the industry has been rebounding, their innovative thinking and determination has delivered impressive results which deserve recognition.

If somebody you know comes to mind, nominate them for the American Manufacturing Leadership Award 2018 here.

The award will be presented at awards dinner on October 22nd at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa. Tickets are included in the full package ticket option.

The American Supply Chain Leadership Award will also be presented. For more information about this award, visit the collocated American SCMS Summit website here.




2017 Winner:


J.Miguel L. Ascaso
Vice President Manufacturing Excellence
Johnson Controls

"I’m extremely honored and humbled to be recognized as the recipient of the American Manufacturing Leadership Award 2017! To me, this award represents the commitment that Johnson Controls employees have made to achieve manufacturing excellence. Thank you!"