Mfg Project Engineering Scientist
L3Harris Technologies

Tony LaManna is a Manufacturing Project Engineering Scientist for L3Harris Technologies in Palm Bay, FL. 

He has worked for L3Harris for 34 years specializing in the development and production of advanced antenna systems for avionics and space applications.  Tony possesses a broad background in both electronics and microelectronics assembly processes, large deployable space structures, and supporting solder and polymeric technologies. 

He is considered a producibility expert in his field often assigned to the most challenging new programs awarded to L3Harris. 

Notable accomplishments in his career include the space-borne NASA/JPL Scatterometer (NSCAT) science instrument which was used to measure wind speed and direction at the ocean surface, and the 12-meter space-deployable reflector aboard the ICO G1 satellite which was the largest commercial satellite ever launched at its time.  

Tony manages the advanced manufacturing projects across the expansive L3Harris plant in Palm Bay promoting and developing next-generation manufacturing technologies to support future programs.  He enthusiastically mentors and trains colleagues and new grads on infusing producibility, robustness, and mistake-proofing into new designs and process development initiatives. 

Tony holds a BS degree in Mechanical Technology from Purdue University, and a MSE degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Central Florida.  He is active in Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), has been an SME Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) since 1993, and an eager sponsor of his colleagues pursuing this certification. 

Tony sponsors the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) Global Membership across L3Harris, and is active in its local chapter raising awareness of emerging trends in the electronics manufacturing industry.  Outside of work, Tony enjoys traveling with his wife and family. 

He provides adult leadership and mentorship to a local scout troop, and has led multiple crews on backpacking and canoeing treks in the remote wilderness.