Impact of the Factory of the Future

13:55 - 14:30

What is the impact of technology?  Does the way we think about the future change?  Brian Vogel, Digital Transformation and IIoT Leader, Rockwell Automation addresses past expectations of automation – what flourished, what fizzled and what was totally unexpected – and shares his thoughts on the future amid the backdrop of pervasive computing and communication resources, a rapidly increasing middle class, the skills gap for advanced manufacturing, and a heightened interest in sustainability.  This enables the “Outcome Economy” – one where more and more makers of things will be looking at ways to attach measurable services to their products – mostly based on analytics.  It is based on outcome-focused solutions to solve specific problems or achieve outcomes.  This will have dramatic effects of businesses and how they sell, license and manage their products.

Brian Vogel, Digital Transformation and IIoT Leader, Rockwell Automation