Driving Large-Scale Transformations in Efficiency, Performance and Quality

10:10 - 10:45

Driving Large Scale Transformations in efficiency, performance and quality starts with a shift from managing to leading in the organizations where transformation happens and is sustained. Leaders connecting all team members through a purpose can then lead the focus on challenging current processes for daily, steady, continuous improvement that lays the foundation for a transformation culture.

Defining what to transform to starts with moving from “fuzzy” customer value to to a more defined standard that is quickly understood by all team members and can be clearly communicated with visuals showing current and target conditions. The team then identifies the value chain through value stream mapping and creates flow through systemic improvement where the value stream is unbalanced or constrained. This activity is completed through small scale kaizens that empower team members to make the changes quickly with minimal bureaucracy.

Jeff Wilkerson, Lean Advisor, Innovation & Technology Division, Caterpillar Inc.